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Branch makes it easy for people in Kenya to access a loan, anytime, anywhere. Complete our application in seconds and receive your loan straight into your mobile money account. Branch is like a bank in your pocket, there for you at all times. Visit our website to learn more.
Branch has offices in Nairobi, Kenya; Lagos, Nigeria; Mumbai, India; and San Francisco, United States.
At the moment, Branch operates in India, Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria.
Yes! Kindly ensure you are using the latest version of the app. Then from your app go to “My Account”, then tap “App Settings”, then select “Language”, choose “Kiswahili” and tap “Submit” to save.
You can follow this link and click Update. Or you can go to Google Play, search for “Branch International” then click “Update”.
In Kenya, we support Safaricom. We hope to expand our coverage in the near future.
Thank you for your interest! Kindly follow this link to our careers page to see a list of our current vacancies.
At the moment, we do not provide customer support by phone number or in person. Please send us a message via the app any time, and we will help you resolve whatever issue you may have.
• With our savings account, you can deposit any amount and make withdrawals at any time after 24 hours.

• You can make a minimum deposit of KSH 1 and a maximum deposit of KSH 1,000,000,000 to your savings account.
• You can currently only fund your savings from your Branch wallet. Once your Branch wallet is funded, tap the 'Savings' option, enter the amount you want to save, complete your savings and you start to earn from your savings on Branch.
• Interest on our savings is 15% per annum which is calculated daily and paid every week. Your weekly interest earnings are added to your savings account and you can withdraw the funds at any time into your Branch wallet.
• Interest on our savings is 15% per annum which is calculated daily and paid every week. Your weekly interest earnings are added to your savings account and you can withdraw the funds at any time into your Branch wallet.
• Branch is a socially responsible company and does not invest in high-risk financial instruments that are volatile and unstable. Savings done through the Branch app are in low-risk securities with capital preservation as the ultimate goal.

• We are licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya to provide fund management services, we take the appropriate steps to ensure that your funds are safe and we are able to return them to you when you need them. We encourage you to also seek professional advice before investing your funds.
Founded in 2015 in Kenya, Branch is a leading digital finance app providing access to instant loans and other digital banking products across Africa and Asia. Branch serves customers in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and India, with offices in Nairobi, Lagos, Bangalore, Mumbai and Silicon Valley. It’s mission is to provide world-class financial services to the mobile generation mission is to provide world class financial services for the mobile generation. Branch pioneered the use of artificial intelligence to assess credit risk in markets with poor credit bureau infrastructure. Branch continues to push technology to make financial services more efficient and scalable – and pass savings onto customers. Branch is backed by visionary global investors, ranging from Andreessen Horowitz (who backed Facebook, Twitter and other global platforms early on) to Visa (who understands how to build a global trusted financial service) to the IFC (the private sector investment arm of the World Bank). Branch is founded and led by the founders of, a global NGO that’s raised over $1 billion USD of 0% interest capital for financial inclusion in 80 countries. With over 25 million downloads and a 4.5 star Google Play store rating, the Branch app is available on Android devices and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.
Regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya, Century Microfinance Bank is a microfinance institution operating in Kenya. The firm specializes in providing financial services to micro, small and medium businesses at large. We were licenced by the Central Bank of Kenya as a deposit taking microfinance institution on 19th September 2012 to provide a full range of financial services such as savings account and credit facilities. Century has over 26,000 clients. Century Microfinance Bank aims to pursue and unlock the vast potential that lies in the businesses using the Value Chain Financing Approach. As we do this, the ripple effect will be the growth of economic generating activities in terms of knowledge, quality produce and tangible wealth. As a fully licenced institution, Century Microfinance Bank services target all businesses that fall within the description of small and micro enterprises. The products are designed to enable Century Microfinance Bank clients to improve their status in life. Century Microfinance Bank products and services are tailored at boosting the productivity of its clients to enable them achieve their full potential which has hitherto been elusive due to the perceived risky nature of providing financial services to the micro, small and medium sector. Century Microfinance Bank achieves this by emphasizing the immense benefits of empowering our clients through a discipline of consistent and deliberate savings to achieve both short term and long term goals.
This is a corporate equity stake acquisition expected to lead to an organizational merger. In essence, Branch International through its subsidiary Branch East Africa has acquired a controlling stake in Century Microfinance Bank, a leading deposit-taking microfinance (DTM) institution. The Acquisition will accelerate efforts by Branch International to expand its local operations as a fully-fledged personal finance solutions provider. Currently ranked as a small sized microfinance bank, we intend to invest in the growth of Century Micro finance to a medium tier institution. Suffice it to say that this partnership is part of Branch International’s strategy to become a Pan African Digital Bank.
Yes, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has just announced the majority stake acquisition of Century Microfinance Bank Limited (Century MFB) by Branch International Limited (Branch) effective January 1, 2022. This follows CBK’s approval on December 30, 2021, under Section 19 (4) of the Microfinance Act and approval by the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury and Planning on January 7, 2022, pursuant to Section 19(3)(b) of the Microfinance Act. The approval also follows a similar regulatory approval secured by Branch International from the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) last May.
The Branch International Board has approved the rapid merger of the two Kenyan businesses to ensure a seamless transition. Plans are therefore at an advanced stage to rollout the Branch corporate brand across Century Micro Finance Bank assets. This will also entail the deployment of cutting edge technological systems including a core banking system robust enough to facilitate digital service provision. The merger also means that Branch customers who have only been accessing one product-digital mobile loans- will now have access to more financial services digitally, such as payments, savings and investments.
As mentioned above, Branch intends to harness the value of digital solutions to upgrade the operating systems at Century Microfinance Bank. This will also entail technical capacity building to ensure that the human resource teams are sufficiently empowered to deliver value for a digital eager clientele. This will also be a key transition consideration to ensure that we do not leave anyone behind including existing Century Microfinance Bank clients. Branch will expand into the microfinance banking market, allowing for deposit-taking financial services, payments, investments and enhanced lending for individuals and SME clients. We intend to introduce a range of exciting digital solutions cutting across the different market segments.
The acquisition, allows Branch Kenya the opportunity to ramp up the power of financial access by delivering world-class financial services to the mobile generation. The corporate acquisition will also provide a platform to bridge the financial services access gap using digital solutions. The acquisition sets us on a growth path to deliver differentiated personal finance solutions for a growing customer base in Kenya.
We acknowledge and appreciate that the Central Bank of Kenya has been actively tracking developments relating to functional innovation for Micro Finance Banks. At Branch, we are committed to ensuring that we expand our renowned fintech reputation for the benefit of the existing and potential Century MicroFinance Bank clients. We are therefore looking forward to delivering digital services focusing on payments, settlements, lending and investments. Branch and Century MicroFinance Bank Clients will be progressively updated on any developments touching on this transaction. All existing loan operations and business transactions will be handled as per prevailing terms and conditions.
To edit your personal details, click on this link My Account, or tap on the person icon on the top right corner of your screen that takes you to “My Account”. Then tap “Profile” to update your personal information.
To register a new mobile money number, click on this link then click on “Add Account”.
Branch asks you to validate your mobile money account to ensure that it is a supported carrier and that it belongs to you. Click on this link , then click on the phone number labeled NOT VALIDATED that you wish to use as your Branch phone number.

Click “Validate” and then “Continue”. You will receive an SMS message with a 4-digit code that you will enter in the app to validate the number.
You may see this error message if Branch is unable to detect the required SIM in your phone. Kindly remove all other SIMs from your phone and leave only the Safaricom SIM you want to use and then log back into Branch. You should be in a position to add your number and proceed to validate it.
At Branch, we conform to the highest standards of data integrity. This means that you cannot change information that was previously used to process a successful loan application. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.
If you would like to delete your account, please make sure that you have repaid all of your loans and then write to us on the in-app chat with your request.
Requirements are simple - all you need to apply is your phone number or Facebook account, National ID and mobile money account. We will also request access to the data on your phone in order determine your eligibility.
Branch uses data from your phone, including your handset details and SMS messages to make lending decisions. We combine this with your Branch repayment history to build an individualised credit score, which determines the loan offers you receive.
If you don’t get accepted when you apply, don't worry! Sometimes it may take several attempts to qualify for a loan. We encourage you to continue saving data on your phone and to reapply after the period stipulated.
We aim to process all loans within 24 hours. On average we process loans in less than 3 hours and hope to reduce that to a few minutes.
Branch uses data from your phone as well as other sources to make a lending decision. To increase your chances of approval, please make sure to save the data on your phone, stay current with all other lenders, and correctly input your account details.
Once a phone has been used to access Branch, it cannot be used by anyone else. To access Branch, kindly use another phone that you own and that has not been used for a Branch loan before.
Applying for a loan is easy! After you have downloaded the Branch app, all you need to do is sign up, navigate to the “Loans” option at the bottom of the Home screen, and fill in your personal details, phone number and mobile money account details. Then you can view available loan offers, select an option, and tap “Apply”.
Our loan sizes range from Ksh 250 to Ksh 100,000. If you repay loans as scheduled, the amount that you can borrow will increase.
The loan offers you see depend on a number of factors, including your repayment history with Branch. If you repay each installment by its due date, you may unlock access to larger loans over time. Note that the increase may not always be immediate, and that repaying your loan late may result in smaller loan offers.
Unfortunately, you won't be able to access a loan of a larger size. The fastest way to increase the amount you are eligible for is to build credit by making each repayment as scheduled.
At the moment, the highest loan amount we offer is Ksh 100,000 but this may increase in the future.
Interest rates are determined by a number of factors, including your repayment history with Branch and the cost of lending for us. Depending on these factors, our rates vary as follows:

• Loan Terms: 9 – 52 Weeks
• Late / Rollover Fees: None
• Interest Range: 17% – 35%
• Equivalent Monthly Interest: 1.7% – 17.6%
• Equivalent APR: 22% – 229%

Borrowers are required to cover any mobile money transaction fees, such as M-PESA charges, associated with repaying the loan. Standard SMS and data charges by your mobile carrier may apply.
Your loan offers are automatically determined by a number of factors. Even though it may not always increase immediately, it will increase over time as you continue to make all of your repayments as scheduled.
Each loan amount is automatically determined by our systems each time you repay based on a number of factors. We encourage you to keep making your repayments as scheduled to increase your loan amount.
To make a repayment, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to MPesa in your Safaricom menu on your phone
2. Select Lipa na M-PESA
3. Choose the Paybill option
4. Enter the Paybill number 998608
5. For account number, enter your MPesa number on which you received your Branch loan
6. Enter your repayment amount
7. Enter your M-PESA pin
8. Confirm that all details are correct and press ‘OK’.
We advise that you make your repayments as they appear on the “My Loan” page. Skipping your other repayments and paying the loan on the last due date will negatively affect your future loan amounts.
To view your repayment information, tap on your loan balance on the Home screen or the “Loans” option at the bottom of the Home screen, then tap on “Repayment Schedule”. You will be able to see your installments, due dates and the amounts due on those dates.
Depending on the loan amount you select, a monthly repayment option may be available. Tap “Select Loan Terms” to choose between weekly or monthly payments prior to requesting the loan. If you choose weekly repayments, you will need to pay each installment by its weekly due date in order for your loan to be considered on-time.
If you do not receive confirmation from Branch that your repayment was received within a few hours, kindly send us the transaction confirmation message you received and the number you used to make the payment via “Customer Care”.
To increase your loan offer amount, we strongly encourage you to repay your loan according to your “Repayment Schedule”, which can be found by tapping the “Loans” option at the bottom of the Home screen.
If you overpay your loan on your last repayment, the amount will remain on your account and be applied on the repayment of your next loan.
Paying each installment by its due date allows you to access larger loan sizes. Late repayments will affect your ability to get subsequent or larger loans. If you are very late on your payments, we report to the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB). Blacklisting by the CRB may affect your ability to borrow from other lenders. A late fee of 6% can be charged on the outstanding loan repayment amount for some loans.
Unfortunately, Branch cannot alter your repayment schedule after you've received a loan. If you are unable to repay the full amount due, we advise you to start making partial repayments as soon as possible.
A Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) collects credit information on individuals and can provide your repayment performance data to banks, lenders, and potential employers. CRBs help promote financial inclusion and prevent over indebtedness.
We will update and forward your details to the CRB for clearance. If you wish to acquire a certificate of clearance, kindly check with the CRB within a week of making your repayment.
We report to Metropol and TransUnion.
If your account has been cleared with the CRB, please message customer care to receive the batch numbers for Metropol and TransUnion to follow up on your certificate.
Get your unique referral code here and share with as many friends as you’d like. After a friend downloads the app, make sure they enter your code on our Promotions page. Once they repay their first loan, you will receive a bonus. By participating in the referral program you agree to the Branch Referral Program Terms and Conditions .
Please advise the person who invited you to Branch to send you their promotion code. Kindly copy the code and paste it in the “Promotions” page, which can be found by navigating to “My Account” on the top right corner of the Branch app. If you were not invited by anyone or you have already repaid your first Branch loan, the code will not be applicable.
Go here. From there, you can message the person you want to invite. Your friend should then be able to click the link in the message they receive to download the app.
Bonuses are automatically deducted from the amount of principal you owe on your next loan. Kindly note that your friends must enter the code on their Promotions page before fully repaying their first loan or you won’t receive your bonus.
You can check your balance here. Click on “Review your bonuses” to see your balance for credits received.
In order to receive the credit, kindly ensure that the person you invited registers your code on their account before they finish repaying their first loan.
This is an account where all cash bonuses and rewards earned on Branch are accumulated until you can access the funds.
There are multiple ways to earn rewards:
  •  Wallet deposit bonus - Earn Ksh 50 weekly when you add funds to your wallet. Minimum deposit to earn is Ksh 200.
  •  Bill Payment Cashback - Earn 5% cash back for every bill payment made with Branch when you pay a bill (Airtime/Data top up, Cable TV and Electricity) for maximum of 10 bills per month.
  •  Wallet to Wallet Transfers - Earn Ksh 50 for a Branch wallet to wallet transfer.
  •  The sender and receiver both will get a reward of Ksh 50 when you make a Branch wallet-to-wallet transfer to an eligible user. We will show the reward eligibility on the final confirmation page before you confirm the transfer. The minimum transfer value to earn the reward is Ksh 200.
  •  The receiver should not have done any wallet transaction before.
  •  The reward will be credited to the reward account when the receiver makes a Branch wallet deposit of at least Ksh 200.
  •  This reward will not be given for Branch to MPESA or MPESA to MPESA transfers.
  •  The recipient must log in from a unique device.
  •  Wallet deposit bonus - Weekly
  •  Bill Payment Cashback - 10 Bills per month
  •  Wallet to Wallet Transfer rewards- Unlimited to eligible users
No, you will pay the full bill amount. Then your rewards account is instantly credited with the bonus amount
We use world-class data security and encryption techniques to protect the data you share with us. Branch never shares your information with third parties unless it is for dedicated business purposes, such as reporting defaulted loans to authorized credit bureaus. We do not sell your data or credit profile.
Branch uses your ID to ensure your account belongs to you, and so that no one else can apply for a loan using your account. We understand that this is very sensitive information and take our customer privacy very seriously. If you have additional concerns, please contact the Branch customer service team.
Branch uses data from your phone, including your handset details and financial transaction messages to make lending decisions. These data are a crucial part of our decision making process, and allow us to provide seamless and efficient financial services.
In your Android Phone, kindly go to Settings > Apps > Branch > Permissions and make sure that you have enabled Branch to access everything requested.